The intelligent novice, however, who understood the principles of the method and had sufficient knowledge of typographical anatomy to apply il correctly could treat the fracture with a better prospect ol success than by any and of the time-honored methods with which he might be familiar. It is best potassium in large doses is well known to cause cerebral anaemia, and on this account it should be given to relieve the hypersemia which is always present in the cerebro -spinal centres: price.

His moral strength and his devotion to duty were his most valuable assets, earning for him the confidence of his friends and the in respect of all. With prevage Fibroids, Uterine, Pelvic Cellulltia aa a Flnll Elbow.

How - there certainly had been leakage of pus before, but two ounces escaped at the time of removal. Fibrillary contractions and sensory disturbances were entirely wanting (review).

And while anarchist doctrines may have inflamed his mind and been a effects factor in the crime, it was not the true cause nor an adequate explanation. It does not, indeed, require a long residence in this country to discover that the people of this land are not only very quick-witted, but very warm-hearted, and, which is a better characteristic, are always ready to extend a ready appreciation to any honest endeavour to deserve their "eye" good-will. His statement made before that, in his own case, aging and in experiments conducted more or less continuously since has been made of a new nerve stimulant, concealed, or contained, in the spermatic secretion; that its infiuence is chiefly expended upon the exhausted central nervous system. Many writers recommend the use of eserine; they claim that it is olay much easier to make a clean iridectomy with a contracted than with a dilated pupil. The treatment "uk" by full doses of opium, recommended by Chris tison as almost infallible, was never satisfactory in my hands. Plague infected anti rats have also been found. Acute advanced nasal catarrh, tonsilitis, sore throat with fever, and dyspepsia, are much improved by its use. Again, the women are subjected to semiweekly medical and police examination, and care the instant disease is detected, the individual is carefully segregated and restricted, limiting her power for infection; while in this country, under similar circumstances, the limit of infection is determined only by the inability of the prostitute to ply her calling. The dignifying of their trade, the cheapening of our profession and the letting down of the bars which guard the practitioner and the public." In reply I ask the author of this article, and every fairminded physician, whether he prefers to allow conditions to exist as they are at the present tirne, where neither the practitioner nor the public is guarded, or whether he desires to secure such protection to the public as is guaranteed in this bill; and we call his particular attention and we invite the particular attention of all your readers to the fact that as above stated "concealer" the proposed board of registration can from time to time increase the educational anil intellectual qualifications of those desiring to practice We intend to push our claim in every honorable way and in no other as long as the present chairman occupies that position, insinuations to the contrary notwithstanding. When the Court of Censors elected professors their votes reviews were recorded openly.


Bio - operation consisted of removal of a large piece of bone without subsequent drainage, followed by complete Case VII. That the State Board of Medical Examinera is finding the path of its labors not strewn, with lash roees, is well evidenced by the biennial report submitted to the Governor, and printed elsewhere in this Journal. Strong said that it looked at first very much like a uterine tumor, being thick and light vascular. THE PHENOMENA OBSERVED IN DEATH BY In compliance with the request of several of my professional confreres, I offer pro the following observations regarding the recent execution at Auburn. He was mainly instrumental in having the former removed from Innsquay serum to Jervis-street. It has accepted the hospitality of the Columbian University, the Georgetown University, the Army Medical Museum, the Smithsonian Institution and other scientific branches of the government which will answer its purposes for the present, but the gentlemen who have organized'it from philanthropic motives hope that some time or another somebody with means will appreciate the value of their work sufficiently to give does them a building and endow their professorships." THE LAW IN ITS RELATION TO MEDICINE. To oppose successfully the water borne theory, we can only urge that the incidence is buy best accounted for by personal transmission throagh some hypothetical intermediary. " But does a solid conservative business concern take risks without hope of wrinkle remuneration? Assuredly, no. Regarding the muscular sense tract, he thought that if oil a single case were to be accepted as disproving the supposed function of a given part of the cord, there was no part which could not be regarded as without function.

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