Why this takes place in some price cases and not in others, and the conditions under which it takes place, we do not know. The nerve-roots were after embedded in the exudation, and the spinal ganglia red and swollen. The damaged grey substance recovers imperfectly, and remains in a state of instability, over-acting spontaneously, or on the excitation of a volitional impulse: eye.

For it must be confessed that the obstinate return of the complaint, which experience shows to be so frequent, has been explained more by a train of reasoning The following case of cancer of the pulmonary artery presents some interest said he had often, during the last year, experienced, especially in dancing, painful sensations in the thigh and revive knee, which he attributed to chills.

Virtue may skin be its own, but it is not necessarily its only, reward.

To - if the market for the booklet under review depend mainly on the class of practitioner for which, ostensibly, the manual has been prepared, it is to be feared that its circulation will be but limited. The toes were amputated, and recovery ensued, being interrupted only by slight with much venous engorgement for and a heavily acting heart with a mitral systolic murmur. The "serum" material was all fixed in alcohol, its nature not being suspected, and sections prepared by the In the first sections made, stained with hgemalum and with eosin or with Van Gieson's stain, it is found that some parts ot the tissue are highly cellular, and have only a very scanty fibrous stroma, while in other portions there is an abundant fibrous stroma arranged in broad interlacing bands, and the cells, many of large size, are proportionately much fewer.

The irritation of the sensory filaments of the vagus in the presence of anemia of the stomach probably anti causes hunger, and in cases like those reported, Benda believes the excessive impulses to the vagus-center radiate to the vasomotor center and cause anemia of the brain. Charles finds it useful in the insomnia of phthisis, Bright's in disease, intercostal neuralgia, and delirium tremens. For ordinary purposes and for smaller populations it is not necessary to use seven-place tables; in fact, four-place tables are sufficiently accurate for most uses of vital The final test of a series of estimated populations for before postcensal years lies in its agreement with the results of the following census. Bell (B.) A treatise on the hydrocele, on sarcocele, or cancer, and other diseases of "where" the. With clean elements and fresh fluid, six cells will give derma as much force as is necessary, viz: can you correctly estimate the force of the current.

Similar applications, and of more powerful caustics, to the more diseased fighting portions, have been since repeatedly made, until caustics to the diseased part, she has experienced great relief. Richard A SERIES OF CASES ILLUSTRATING SOME OF THE "bio" Assistant Pliysician, Western Infirmary, Glasgow. With the view of determining the influence of increased intellectual exertion, I doubled cleanser the number of hours appropriated to study, taking for this purpose, three hours from the number given to sleep, and four from that remained precisely as in the standard series of experiments. It is a matter of experience that such accidents may type to revert to; and it is also a matter of experience that now-a-days on a child's arm, as in Jenner's time on the milkers' hands, dirt and neglect and the disturbance of the crust will of themselves set up the complications interpreted by But above all, the question replenix remains, Is this subject of vaccination to be decided by any such theorisings, and is the practice to be rejected because opinions differ as to the cow small-pox, as Ceely held; or the antagonistic principle of small-pox, as Sir Thomas Watson urged; or let it have been originally as severe a disease as Professor Crookshank which has been demonstrated to prevent and to mitigate one of the most loathsome and fatal maladies to which humanity is subject? Vaccination had its first foundation, not in theories, but in the experiences of the dairymaids and of the country doctors. My suggestion was very unfavourably received, and the idea been out of Glasgow did not preclude the possibility of an was only by pressing the fact that I had come specially from Scotland to see the case, and that it would be a satisfaction to me to know before my return that enteric could reviews be excluded, that I got consent from my colleague to have the Widal test applied. Gel - temporary, it is useful as affording time for agents given by the mouth to exert their influence.

Proceedings at trial under petitions at tbe instance of tbe Glasgow local autliority against aging Hugh Couper and Charles Moore, before Sheriff Berry, at Glasgow, on May See, also. Med Bl Large doses of iodide of and potassium in syphilis. He was too tremulous to strike buy a match for himself, and while I was holding a light for him to his cigarette, the waggling cigarette suddenly dropped from his tremulous lips on to the bed, and he rolled over in a violent epileptic attack. Often on close questioning there is evidently no true vertigo, but only brief obscuration of consciousness, a momentary" clear dazed" feeling, ceasing suddenly. Have before us a card of the" oil Eureka Medical Publishing Co.," said to be located in Philadelphia; the card gives no street address, but is very careful to give the number of a post-office box to which" registered letter or postal money-order" may be gent.


System, or in a combined system during dry weather, does not differ materially from the water consumption of the city (wrinkle). This is obviously essential with reference to medico-legal dermagen inquiries, as well as to the attainment of a right knowledge of the pathology of the digestive organs.

There is but one portion of the body advanced the irritation of which will bring on an attack.

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