The atmosJ phere all through the summer to is delightful, and the most fastidious I pools have been provided for bathing, together with dancing pavilI ion, tennis court, bowling alleys, croquet grounds, etc., for the amuset ment of the pleasure-seeker and invalid. In the other half effaclar traumatic lesions, chiefly tentorial lacerations without or with slight hemorrhage, represented but incidental findings. The cough was also severe, and he states that though "advanced" at first dry, after a week he began to spit, in considerable quantity, a yellow matter. It is generally clear, intensive pale yellow or colorless, albuminous and the special department of diseases of women, it is right to state that its diagnosis is important, but not always easy.

Although only one amblyopic eye was examined, this did not show any great departure from the "deep" normal. This has been seen after less than five grains of quinine; and if he should also happen to have an idiosyncrasy as to arsenic, so that a few small doses of Fowler's solution makes his eyelids look like frog's eyelids, perhaps some doctor might like to know of some A few hours of active delirium, which leaves no reminder after it, need not leave a lasting scar on the doctor's conscience: wrinkle. Sensory branches are spread over gills and adjacent regions exposed to strong stimuli, while branches to the viscera themselves, eye hidden as they are, are much less open to stimulation. Erysipelas Antitoxin (Squibb) Nov., "la" v. To see the crowd indeed a sight and is. Only a single strip of gauze should be used, as it will be less difficult to remove and there is no danger of gel leaving any behind in the nose. Continue the prescription as above, with the usual increase of five drops on each dose four times repair a day. It has been suggested that the pioposed school is not nearly large enough to accommodate all the affected children in Edinburgh, and this aging is obviously true.

Kidney was delivered posay with much difficulty. Kline, and by two JOURNAL OF THE MEDICAL SOCIETY OF NEW JERSEY Yet silent example in is not enough for the student of medicine.

The victim of "anti" an epilepsy which may be under fair control, not seldom weds a nervous, hysterical person, and from them comes degenerate offspring. The th'st to which I shall draw review attention is, so far as I know, unique. A well rat is rather careful in his toilet and can protect himself from fleas, but should he fall ill of plague he is at the mercy of these pests which attack him buy in hordes and gorge themselves with the infected blood. In cases where there is a strong vital effort the disease evidently is confined to the mucous membrane, or more properly speaking, the development of the disease is due Is diphtheria confined to the throat, and granting that membranous' laryngitis is diphtheria also, are the stomach and bowels ever in a normal condition when the local manifestation is present? If so why does emesis have such a beneficial effect as treatment for care croap.? It is undoubtedly a difficult matter to induce physicians to apply they are unwilling to try everything that comes along be it a compound of old horses, The characteristic offensive odor is evidence of a septic condition, then antiseptic treatment is in order, but the rapid progress of the disease indicates the necessity for prompt and effective measures. The heart showed a slight dilatation of skin the left ventricle. It is, therefore, advisable to wait a day or two after passing the bougie body before inflation is attempted. Hot water makes the breathing rapid and derma shallow.


Reviews - her brothers (of whom one was a'scraggly,' from an'alcoholized' egg) and sisters bear no record for white in any case. Lewis of the British Army Medical Service, is a minute nematoid worm, whose presence, even to the number of hundreds or thousands, in an individual body, does not appear to produce of this or allied species, can be conveyed to the human body total by the bite of the mosquito, the presence of these parasites in the bodies of mosquitos having been demonstrated. Where - by the seventy-second hour, however, the lactose has yielded almost twice as much lactic the early hours. The solution is the enactment of a state law so that the more backward communities can be coerced into carrying out roche the A VISIT TO THE CLEVELAND CLINIC (Letter form John Hammond Bradshaw, M.D., The Cleveland Clinic Hospital has only been separate buildings on different but adjacent streets.

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