Wash - ewart of the Bengal army, in the sixteenth number of the Indian Annals of Medicine. Abel last year in Johns Hopkins "daily" Hospital Bulletin, as also in this paper this year, was subsequently confirmed by a German scientist, Furth, who was working on this problem.

Whereas amazon Cholera has visited occurrence in some parts or other of India. In the selection of a bull, it should be borne in mind that he is one-half of the herd, and knowing this, it more forcibly reminds one creme of the fact that the selection should be made with discretion and care, for only by using good judgment can an improvement of the herd be made. (The wrack in fruit, dried, cleaned, exposed to a red heat in a crucible with aperient, two or three drachms eye dissolved in water. It is a simple fact that, although they deny the hereditary transmission of pulmonary tuberculosis, they consider it a source of to great mortification to have consumption or to be related to one affected with this disease. The words of caution are necessary, trial but we would be sorry to see this valuable agent tabooed: we presume that caution in limiting it to small areas is all sufficient. If four fifths of medicaments in the dispensary were eliminated and young physicians were taught to memorize the dosage and uses of the others as they would the tables in arithmetic, there would be little need of memorizing "review" or copying even good prescriptions. A silversmith will, for a dollar, make a small hoe, of solid silver, which will last for centuries, and will give a free patient more comfort, used for the removal of the accumulated epi thelium and fungous growths which constitute the" fur," than many a prescription with a splitfooted iy before it, addressed to the parts out of reach. Is it not therefore our duty to commemorate thio the man who laboured and died in the interest of'homflodpathyi paying tribute to the memory of Bajendra Dutt (reviews). Such, however, is rarely or almost never the case in Enteric Fever, for the Peyerian glands of the lower third of the ileum are almost always found in a state of extreme inflammation when those of the upper two-thirds exhibit no morbid uk change, and we never find Peyer's glands of the upper portion of the ileum ulcerated when those of the lower are uninflamed. In certain cases one or two full doses of quinine may be given, often with serum good effect when there is either vertigo, headache, or vomiting; soon afterwards beef -tea, eggs, or even more solid food, can be taken, as well as the brandy or wine; milk, in any form, is always suitable.

In some epidemics, indeed, the early sopor or cerebral heaviness is very duo remarkable.

Pulse, Sup'ple, cream Pulsus elas'ticus, (F.) Pouls souple. The great practical fact is that a succession of these paroxysms may occur before the final fatal rupture, which where they most surely foretell. Name for a skin combination of cafeic acid with a salifiable base. The class of cases to which I allude are such as it is usual to refer to congestion (price). A dry cough harasses the patient, who, with his body covered with foul ulcers, falls into a condition of most miserable marasmus (number).


Rosnick, acts by increasing retention of nitrogen and minerals, reversing tissuedepleting processes and promoting better utilization of Referring to undesirable side effects, he says: almost no androgenic activity; thus it can be given to female patients with little expectation that virilizing effects will appear (clearasil). In this way several hogs may be given injections in a very short time, when otherwise The use of external applications, properly applied, are just as necessary in the treatment of swine as they are in the treatment of other domestic animals or the human family, to produce counter-irritations, la or by their cooling effects, to help to remove pain and fever, and relieve the suffering patient.

Gel - he came to the hospital with an incipient cataract, and we could see the foreign body in the lens. It is possible that a great deal of the apparent difference has arisen bee from a different method of recording cases. The function of the Eustachian tube is exceedingly important, and is especially to be wrinkle noted in view of the relation it has with very many of the most ordinary forms of deafness.

Effaclar - game, poultry, or lightly boiled eggs might be allowed; and in cases of great prostration, some brandy in gruel at night. Still, the presumption in favor of poisoning out every spon taneous reaction of outraged nature in is not extinct in those who are trusted with the lives of their fellowcitizens.

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