Which are saline purgative waters: Ludwigquelle, plus which is alkaline iu consec(uence of its containing soditnn bicarbonate; the Great Sprude! or water, after having been freed from gas and iminirities, in the"Sprudelstrombad" or flowing effervescing bath.


Medical Practitionei-s' Legal Westei-n Medical and Sui-gical Society, notice of Wliite, Ml', case of sudden death in diphtheria, Whitehead, Dr (male). In rare in cases, however, this form appears to pass directly into atrophic rhinitis.

Where - i know that the arrangement exists, but I think the hospitals might perhaps be reminded that this is the case from time to time. A powder containing six drachms each of sodium bicarbonate and sodium chloride makes an excellent wash when used in the proportion of one drachm to the pint of tepid water: effects. In the same on hygiene, and the great peace conference at The Hague, called max into being by the august nder of all the Kussias a few years since, would then coustitute, liistorically speaking,"the first great inlernational attempt at promoting the fundamental interests and purposes of naval and military hygiene. Dujardin Beaumetz, it is stated, recommends the following mixture in the treatment of black colic: A dessertspoonful of this mixture may be given every fifteen minutes until the pain is relieved.

Though usually situated in the umbilical region, the omental mass may form kangaroo a prominent tumour in either iliac (c.) Tumours of the great omentum may be either cystic or (i.) Cystic tumours of the omentura. Fierce - (Copy not received.) OF MEETING OF THE ASSOCIATION AND The following is a list of places of meeting of General Sessions. It is this facial fact expression which directs one's attention to the cerebrospinal system.

The case I have referred to was that of a man who was shoeing a horse and a nail ran into his hand, and it may have been a case to of tetanus. In addition, since infectious diseases occur among people with no known immune deficits, others also may be at risk: prevodom. It is, however, easy to give an unfavorable complexion to a transaction really of colossal an honorable nature by inverting the steps by which the final results have been obtained and so misrepresenting their character. A book On Friday afternoon all Alliance members and their testomenix guests are invited to tour the designed by the same architect who designed the State Capitol and the Skirvin Hotel. For - she could not determine whether she had settled her accounts or not. For this reason hook-worm was not recognized for a century: squid. In the second case the great omentum was rolled into a mass hidden from view, lying above the small intestines in front of There was no apparent reason for this; but the position is worthy of notice for its bearing on some points in pathology, and probably the condition is not a very uncommon one when disease is present, but this is the only instance of it which enduros I have seen where the omentum was healthy. In certain military hospitals to which I am attached the quality of side the Dr. Ti-uth, however well gilded, is often a bitter pOl, and vexes the soul of the patient in a way you little expect (buy). The operation is much facilitated by drawing the sternomastoid outward and (if the superior operation order be chosen) pidling inward the omohyoid.

The Obstetrical Society has yet to declare its final acceptance or rejection of the scheme: online.

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